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ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANGES over Traditional Voice Services



What is Business Digital Voice service? This is Verizon’s New Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) Service, that works over the FIOS 100% fiberoptic network. VOIP service transmits voice and converts it into data for the purpose of transmitting over the internet.

What are the advantages of Business Digital Voice service? Traditional analog phone service is more expensive and can only offer a limited number of features. Also, analog lines were also very costly and would usually charge on a per minute basis. In the very common event that a business required more advance features like call transfer or intercom system, it would require the purchase of additional equipment called a PBX, which provided these features and more. Well, with Verizon BDV not only do you get a lower monthly cost, but you also get these features without the purchase of a PBX. BDV also has other features like a mobile phone app that allows you to get calls transferred from the office.

Another advantage of BDV is that in most VOIP service you may have the common issue of Latency and Jitter, but with a 100% superfast fiberoptic network like FIOS the chances of this will be reduced significantly.

BDV Promotional Offers are sometimes available. When bundled with an internet connection, a line is offered at no cost and additional lines are as low as $25. Since BDV is similar to a PBX it requires a multiline VOIP phone in order to accommodate the advance features. Verizon also offers the 1st phone for free or an $85 credit for the purchase of the 1st phone. You may also qualify to lease phones at a low monthly cost.

What are the disadvantages of Business Digital Voice service? Unfortunately, no voice service can be without any disadvantages I must say that BDV has only one disadvantage I can think of, and that is that although FIOS internet has a guaranteed 99.99% uptime you still have minimal chance of loosing phone service as it works via the FIOS internet connection. 1 alternative solution is forwarding call during this

Conclusion Verizon BDV has many features beneficial to your business. So, if you are not using Verizon FIOS or BDV services you should be switching and take advantage of the special offers to get started.


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